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Brexit Configuration

Created at: 22 Dec 2020 | Updated at: 1 Mar 2021

If you sell to consumers within the UK, you need to follow the new UK regulations, requiring you to collect 20% UK VAT for orders below 135 GBP.

You need at least Version 1.12.0 of the extension. Follow these steps to configure it:

1) Enable the feature in the extension configuration section:

Brexit Configuration

2) Enable GBP as a currency and configure a conversion rate

  1. Navigate to "Stores -> Configuration -> Currency Setup"
  2. Add "British Pound" to the list of "Allowed Currencies"
  3. Get a free API key from fixer.io and save it to the corresponding field
  4. Configure a daily scheduled import
  5. Click "Save Configuration"

Now the extension will check if the order is going to the UK and apply VAT on the order, as long as the cart subtotal is below the configurable 135 GBP threshold. If it is above, the extension will set the order to 0% VAT.

Categories: EU VAT Enhanced (M2)