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How to clone a Magento MySQL database
11 Mar 2016

On the server command line, create a database dump and import this dump into a new database. Export: $ mysqldump -u USERNAME -p EXISTING_DBNAME > DUMP.sql Re-Import: $ mysql -u USERNAME -p NEW_DBNAME < DUMP.sql

How to enable Magento template path hints
14 Apr 2016

Sometimes you need to find out which exact template is used if you need to make changes to the HTML code of Magento. The template path hints feature allows to show which template is used in the different areas of the page. To enable the template path hints: Go to "System -> Configuration ->...

How to install Magento extensions?
21 Mar 2017

The following steps should work for every Magento extension. Create backups of the Magento files and the database. Navigate to “System → Cache Management” and disable all Magento caches. Navigate to “System → Tools → Compiler” and disable the Magento compiler (if enabled)...

Import of tax rates fails with error "Invalid file upload attempt"
21 Mar 2017

In this case the uploaded CSV file headers are not matching the store-views of the Magento installation. To fix this, follow these steps: Open your base import file in a text editor Navigate to “Sales → Tax → Import/Export Tax Rates” and click on [Export Tax Rates] and save the file o...

How to manually update a Magento extension?
12 Jun 2017

Make sure you have FTP/SFTP access to copy the extension files to your Magento installation. Navigate to “System → Cache Management” and disable/clean all Magento caches. Put a file named maintenance.flag in your Magento root directory Upload the extension directories “app”, “js”, "s...

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)