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EU VAT (Magento 1)

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Ocasionally some orders have VAT calculated but customer has a VAT number provided
29 Oct 2018

This can happen for several reasons. Please check: Is there any information about the validation details visible in the order comments? The module will let Magento calculate VAT when any of the marked results are invalid or wrong: Is the country prefix of the VAT number present at th...

Error message: There was an error processing your request
15 Nov 2014

If you get an error message like "There was an error processing your request..." it may be that your server is using IPv6 to connect to the EU VIES, which does not support IPv6 properly. Please have a look in your system configuration of our module and set the "IPv6 compatibility mode" to "On"...

Adding the VAT number input field to registration and checkout
16 Jun 2015

Please check if you have enabled this config setting at System->Configuration->Customer Configuration (Show VAT Number on Frontend) If this is already the case, it might be that the used template does not support the field. You can add it with the following code to your template files:...

Compatibility with Magestore Onestepcheckout
12 Dec 2016

To make EU VAT Enhanced compatible and fully working with Magestore Onestepcheckout, there are some actions to be done necessarily. Please follow these steps: 1. Change the field IDs of the VAT number inputs at checkout Use app/design/frontend/base/default/template/onestepcheckout/onestepc...

Compatibility with Onestepcheckout
13 Dec 2016

Update 2019-05-10: This fix is now included in the latest version of OneStepCheckout. In order to make the Idev OneStepCheckout fully compatible, you need to change one line of the Idev code. Please open the file app/code/local/Idev/OneStepCheckout/Model/Observers/PresetDefaults.php and within ...

How to show the VAT number in transactional emails?
19 Jan 2017

1. As the number is saved on the customers address, you can either use the address templates and add the VAT number like this: {{depend vat_id}}VAT number: {{var vat_id}}{{/depend}} 2. or you can use the direct call to print the VAT number in any place you want within the transactional ...

Using the address based VAT number field
10 Jul 2017

Magento has two possible Tax/VAT number fields. The first one is the "Tax/VAT, code:taxvat" field, assigned to the customer entity. The field name is a bit misleading, as it is intended to be used as a "Tax Number" field only. Many countries provide a unique personal tax number, which can be save...

Compatibility with Ebizmarts_SagePay
5 Oct 2017

Under circumstances it can happen that orders processed through Ebizmarts_SagePay module will have VAT calculated again in the backend view of the order, after the order was placed without VAT. For a workaround, you need to update at least to version of our VAT extension for Magento 1. ...

Compatibility with AdvancedCheckout
17 Jan 2018

The following is tested with version 2.8.0 of AdvancedCheckout. To get a proper working VAT validation and calculation when using the AdvancedCheckout, please apply the following changes: Change the file app/code/community/Advanced/Onestepcheckout/etc/config.xml: Comment out the rewrites of ...

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9 Item(s)